Wiki Updates!

The wiki is now under new management! Don't expect too many big changes; we still aim to be the Dragon Pals Wiki that you're use to, just now with more active management.

To kick off this change, the front page has been given a face-lift. It's no pro job, but that is on the to-do list! What's next for the DP wiki? With a bit more clean-up on article stubs and the addition of more full-length pages, we'll be eligible to put in a request to the Community Development Team for help with a logo, as well as to have a pair of design-savvy eyes assist with further improving the home page.

Interested in helping the wiki closer to this goal? Here are some of the most helpful things to get the wiki into shape:

  • Check here to see what pages are currently the most wanted.
  • Take a peek at the Article stubs and see if you've got a few bytes to contribute.
  • For the brave of heart, try tackling a WIP page. They may not be short, but they've got a long way to go before they're finished!